Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Moving from Blogger to Wordpress

After a bit of internal discussion and a lot of googling, I've moved my blog to a wordpress site - my website.

I've changed because I prefer the look and feel of my website (plus, it offers a bit more functionality).

You can find me here.

Now I know that this is the sort of thing that gets the blogger excited but is relatively boring for the readership, but if you're about to do this too, here's some resources that might help.

How to move from blogger to 

(assuming you already have a site)

- import your blog content. Here are step by step instructions (from
- set up your blog page. Here's the you tube video I followed . This video is by Mike Hill; it's a little dry, but it's nice and slow and really easy to understand.

And having done all that (which took me a whole frigging week because I am so non-techo..) I DELETED all the old blog posts from my new site. Why?

Because on my new site, I'm starting again from scratch.

Oh yes, and don't forget, I've got a new story coming out soon. So don't forget to sign-up for the freebie!!

Here's the link again.  Hope to see you there!