Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sharing the Love

Today I'm actually writing on another blog - Ada Maria Soto, another NZ-based writer, has kindly opened her blog up for guest posting. This is what I'm posting there, and I'm sharing it with you now:

"Thanks to Ada Maria Soto for inviting me to post this on her blog. Hi Ada, and congratulations for all those nominations, that is awesome! (If anyone's wondering what I'm talking about, check out this blog post for the total list of all of Ada's nominations by Goodreads readers)

I'm Rachel Stedman, writing as RL Stedman. Like Ada, I live in beautiful New Zealand, but I live in the south of the country, where the weather is colder and the roads are empty.

I write YA and middle grade fiction, mostly with fantasy elements. I've had a blast writing a romantic trilogy, a futuristic thriller, and most recently, a ghost story for kids. I've been fortunate enough to win a number of awards, but I've never been nominated like Ada has! You can read more about my writing here.

And...the reason I'm coming onto Ada's blog is to let you know about a lovely little gift that I've got going. See, I love my readers. They are an awesome bunch! So to say 'thank you' I've created a giveaway, and I'm sharing it with Ada's readers, too.

Here's the Giveaway! 

I've written an EXPANDING series of short stories, called Upon a Time. These stories are based on fairy tales - but they're told with a twist. I have a mirror programmer (how do you define 'fairest', anyway?), a shoe salesperson and of course, a fairy Godfather.

Four times a year, I'm emailing an installment to my readers. The first installment was on Christmas and the second will be next month, on Valentine's Day. It's all about roses. And love, of course! It's called Death and Roses, and will be sent to readers in two parts (Valentines and Easter). The final installment will be sent to reader's inboxes at Halloween.

So, if you're wanting to grab yourself a copy of this expanding series (you'll get the Christmas ones, too), click here to be taken to the email list. You can choose between pdf, kindle or nook/itunes formats.

Upon a Time Giveaway

Oh, and if you're a teacher or librarian, please do feel free to copy and share these stories with your classes. The only thing I ask is that you retain the original formatting, as it is especially designed for these stories.

So that's it! Happy Valentine's Day in advance, and thank you again Ada, for the opportunity to share this with your readers.

May all your days be full of love."

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