Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Inevitability of Queues

Queues...A Necessary Evil?

There's no way out of them, not in Paris at the end of summer.  Here's the line at the catacombs:

However, there are some queues you can avoid:
  • Visit the Louvre on the first Sunday of the month. It's free and there's no one queuing for tickets. However, its very busy because everyone goes there .. because it's free.
  • Access the Louvre through the Louvre Carousel (metro: Palais Royale). This way you don't have to wait in the hot sun.
  • To go up the Eiffel Tower, take the stairs (escalier) This queue was only 5 minutes long! - the queue for the lift snaked all the way under the tower.
  • Arrive early at the Catacombs. You'll still hit the queue, but it won't be as hot as later in the day. And take water and a sun-hat for your wait.
Entrance to the Catacombs

  • And remember... you'll never see these attractions anywhere else. So its worth the wait!

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