Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Air Time

My God the flight from Holland to New Zealand is LONG. Two flights, two airplanes and over twenty four hours in the air.

So: Top Tips for Long Haul.

  • Check in early. Some airports have very complicated check in procedures. Schipol (that's Amsterdam) is now all automated - if you've got kids and bags there's not a lot of assistance. 
  • Carry sleeping tablets.
  • Water. Buy a bottle of drinking water in the airport lounge before you leave and top it up on the plane.
  • Try and get onto the plane early. There's often a scrum for overhead locker space. 
  • Take eye shades, ear plugs and toothbrush.
  • Carry a cardigan or wrap. You can get added warmth if the blankets aren't enough.
  • Buy access to a lounge or a shower if you're stopping enroute.
  • Remove contact lens. Wear glasses instead. 
  • Eat a proper meal at your stopover because airplane meals are never wonderful. 
  • Ask for fruit snacks mid-flight - often there's a bowl of apples.
  • Make sure there's someone to drive you home from the airport. 
I've not tried the noise cancelling headphones, but if you want to spend $500, I'm sure they're great.

And remember: these flights are costing you the price of a small diamond ring, so you may as well enjoy them. Watch as many movies as you can!

Le Bris, 1868: no long haul and no movies. Image from Wikipedia

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