Sunday, 20 October 2013

More Travel Tips - Packing List

The packing was always going to be a challenge. Eight weeks out of a backpack, through summer and into autumn, travelling through countries and cities - well, how to do it?

Here's a list of items that worked well:

  • charcoal a-line skirt (with pockets. You can never have enough pockets when you're travelling)
  • jeans
  • shorts
  • silk singlet
  • white travel shirt (with more pockets)
  • plaid shirt (doesn't show the dirt)
  • black merino jersey
  • black cardigan
  • 3x bright-coloured t-shirts (one of merino, for layering)
  • long-sleeved black top
  • rain coat
  • black tights
  • hat, gloves and woollen scarf (these add warmth but don't take up much room)
  • sandals
  • walking shoes - for cities and mountains
  • ankle boots - so you don't always look like a traveller
  • satchel - to blend in with the crowd and carry the coat and camera
  • exercise gear (eg running shoes) - so you don't get too fat from all the yummy food
  • a kindle - unless you want to carry a LOT of books

Of course I took more than this. But I didn't need it. Damn. I carried a lot of extra weight!

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