Sunday, 20 October 2013

Final Book Review - Ender's Shadow


is the setting for Ender's Shadow - but a Rotterdam of the future, a bleak vision of street kids and organ farming and street kitchens. Out of this cess-pit steps Bean, a tiny urchin about four years in age and about one hundred years old in street-wisdom.

Ender's Shadow is the companion series to Ender's Game, which is coming out as a movie this year, and which I can't wait to see.

Shadow was written a lot later than Game and boy, does it show - Bean is a much more complex character, with more sophisticated interactions, thoughts and feelings.

The only complaint I have with Shadow is that - it helps if you read Ender's Game first. And then you'll get addicted on the whole damn series, and seven books or so later, you emerge from Ender's world, to find your whole family annoyed at your prolonged inattention...

Does Ender's Shadow enhance my understanding of Rotterdam? No. Not at all. But it's still a great read.

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