Friday, 30 August 2013


Travelling with Teens

So here we are in Amsterdam.

We went to the Stedelijk Museum - the modern art museum of Amsterdam. Less busy than its neighbouring Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museusm, its great for older kids. Easy to understand, really interesting and interactive displays; a great way to spend a morning.

Which leads me to the next thing:
Which Amsterdam Pass?
There are three - the Holland Pass, the I Amsterdam and the Museum Kaart.  There's a good blog that analyses the different passes:  Diy-OE So I won't go into the pros and cons, and to fully analyse the differences I think you'll need a spreadsheet! We got the Holland Pass. It seems to be pretty good - today, we went on a canal boat ride as well as the museum (included within the cost of the pass) and rode the trams all day.

Staying in a camping ground.
Stupidly, I assumed the camping grounds here were the same as at home - with facilities provided for folk who wish to cook. Alas, they are not. The cabins here include bedding and lighting but that's about it. However, they are much much cheaper than an alternative within the canals of Amsterdam - and we're only one tram ride away from the central city.  So we've had to make do and have a meal that doesn't involve cooking or a fridge. As you can see, we didn't starve!

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