Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A First-World Problem

Backpack or Suitcase?

So we're going to Europe for eight weeks! To help manage costs (and make it easier on our kids) we'll be staying in places for mostly a week at a time. And those places will be self-catering: apartments, hostels and holiday cottages.

When we're in rural areas we'll hire a car, but in the main centres (Amsterdam, London, Paris) we won't - like the locals, we'll rely on the subway, our feet or bicycles.

So, here's the question of this post: do we take a suitcase, or a backpack?

Now, I've backpacked around Europe before. I know what it's like. Three months living out of a heavy canvas sack can really take the gloss out of travel. When I have a suitcase, I feel grown-up; a proper traveller.  But here's the thing. Carrying a suitcase on the metro/subway/underground is a REAL drag. Not to mention a hazard. What if we get separated from our kids, all because we're trying to lug a suitcase's tiny wheels over the gap? 

So following due consideration and plenty of research, we have decided: Packs are the Way-to-Go. 

So here they are, neatly lined up, ready to be filled with clothes and electronica.  We have pack covers from our backpacking days, so the packs will be covered before they go on the luggage carousel. These pack covers are so large and red, we will look like Santa.

If you want to know what swayed us, check out Rick Steve's blogpost on this very subject:

Alternatively, there's always a donkey: 

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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