Monday, 12 August 2013

A Book Review

Reading on Location

Because I'm a bookaholic I have to have something to read, whereever I go. And, personally, I think travel is much improved by reading a book set in the location I'm visiting. The best experience I had with this was when I read Dune in the Sinai - strange, given that Dune is set on another planet, but there you go.

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But I'm not going to the Sinai, I'm going to Europe. So here's my first book review:

Title: Reading on Location
Author(s): Luisa Moncada and Scala Quin

Review: This is a great way to read around the world, with a comprehensive lists of books to chose from. When movies have been made, they are also noted. It's small and easy to navigate, clear and well-written


  • it's print, so it goes out of date quickly
  • it's not available on kindle which is crazy, given that duh, it will be read by travellers.
  • it doesn't cover smaller towns/villages. For example, I'm going to Nijmegen, in Holland, one of Holland's oldest cities with, I'm sure, a longstanding literary tradition.  But there's nothing listed for Nijmegen

So if you want something for a really specific region, best use google.

Or try these blogs:

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